Spanish text revision and correction service in Spanish, English and Portuguese

Typographical errors make reading difficult, while spelling and syntactic errors undermine clarity. It only takes one or two mistakes to discredit your site and its copywriter. If the company or the private author takes care of the way they communicate, their clients and readers will notice the difference.

We offer assistance so that the final wording reaches your audience ready to read. Using this service, your writing will be professional, clear and attractive.

The supervision of the material will consist of the following types of correction:
  • Grammar correction (spelling and syntax) and typographic (typefaces, spaces, graphics, headings, etc.).
  • Correction of content (coherence and semantic cohesion, adaptation to the readers and the purposes for which the material is oriented).
  • Style correction (accurate and up-to-date vocabulary, adequate writing, exact use of rhetorical resources, etc.).
  • General correction (precise revision regarding the adequacy of graphic and linguistic elements).